Training Services

Complete wellbeing training for your people.

Life & Progress are a people business.  As an accredited training services provider we help to improve your staff’s mental health, wellbeing and resilience both in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

We provide more than a practical understanding of the key issues surrounding mental health in the workplace.  Our wellbeing workshops are designed to work on the core of culture within organisations of any size. They are flexible in that specific content and focus can be adjusted to suit your organisational needs and providing proven pathways to support.

Our complete wellbeing training services for your people are available throughout the UK. Delivered by highly qualified professional Trainers, all with a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge.

Training Services

Our Training Portfolio 

All of our training services can be delivered onsite and/or online (interactive training). Our flagship workshops and prime recommendations are:

  • Mental Health Awareness (MHA)
    Employee Care, overview of mental health and why we should challenge stigma. How to look after ourselves and increasing our resilience.
  • Mental Health Responsive (MHR)
    Interactive CPD Certified workshop for managers, team leaders and supervisors. Understanding the impacts of mental health and providing pathways for support.
  • Emotional Wellbeing Workshop & Survey
    Group sessions, to provide a comfortable environment to help identify, reflect and assess risks to an individual’s wellbeing. To build, repair and improve on our resilience.
  • The ‘Why Stress?’ Workshop
    Max. 4 hour workshop aimed primarily at HR, Senior Management and Director level. Organisational culture, why stress and what it means to the organisation?
  • Mindfulness for All
    Online mindfulness training delivered by a highly experienced teacher. Bringing the present moment to life, helping to improve a sense of wellbeing, and reducing stress and pressure. Lowering anxiety and increasing a sense of happiness
  • Resilience for All
    Supporting your staff with short bite size sessions covering the foundations of resilience. Light hearted and informative resilience training, easy to follow lessons with actionable advice for improved wellbeing.

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