Emotional Wellbeing Workshop & Survey

This is a 2 hours online workshop, developed as a whole house approach to support organisations and teams deal with the additional pressures of the Covid impacts.

Primarily for organisations providing services where there has been an expediential increase in pressure and change.

The workshop provides a supported session in evaluating and sharing individuals’ experiences over the last year.  This provides a space to reflect, share and discuss in a safe supported environment.  Sessions are delivered in a secure online platform.

The sessions give an individual an opportunity for reflection on the impacts (both physically and emotionally) of their year and opportunity to draw a line and move forward with an improved approach to resilience and wellbeing.

Workshops need a minimum of 6 staff and a maximum of 10. Sessions last between 90 and 120 mins depending on the number of staff participating.

Senior Managers and Line Management are required to have a session before their teams. They are then required to participate in the ongoing team sessions. This is vital as part of the ongoing support process.

Session Overview

  • Introduction, Housekeeping, Guidelines for the session.
  • Reflection*
  • Open Floor ”What’s Your Story?” Sharing of our stories and an opportunity to ask each other questions or add to our stories.**
  • Pathways for support (i.e. EAP Pathways)
  • Improving our resilience, what we need to do for ourselves and how we can support ourselves and others.
  • Group Task Mindfulness
  • Wellbeing Survey***
  • Individual Task Use one word to describe the session.****

NB* Group/Individual Task- To condense and refine our thoughts on the past few months. These do not need to be shared to the wider group if people feel uncomfortable sharing.

NB** Not everyone’s story is the same, but there are similarities between us in our responses to the pandemic.

    “We are not all in the same boat, but we are in the same storm

NB*** The survey is confidential to be collated by your HR Team.

NB**** One word feedback from delegates on previous sessions:

Interesting, informative, enlightening, relaxing, beneficial, constructive, enjoyed, grateful, helpful, honest, reassuring, reflective, thought-provoking, trusting, useful, camaraderie, comfortable, Comforting, compassionate, Emotional, emotive, enjoyable, eye-opening, good, hopeful, important, inclusive, massive, relaxed, release, relief, supportive, tough, uplifting, Relieving, supportive, humorous, powerful, exceptional, comforting, reassuring, family.

Maximum of 10 delegates and a minimum of 6 delegates.