Resilience For All

Supporting your staff with short bite size sessions covering the foundations of resilience. Light-hearted and informative resilience training. Easy to follow lessons with actionable advice for improved wellbeing.

The new normal way of working in these difficult times can have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Learn to make different choices and develop skills for improved resilience. Six hourly sessions with different topics each week. With highlights on their importance for improved health. How we spend our time, negative thinking patterns, motivation, diet, and movement. These are areas that can suffer when our resilience is low. Appreciating how we can all struggle in these difficult times. Understanding how we can take action in the present moment with small achievable steps and a personal approach to wellbeing.

  • This is a 6-hour course spread over 6 weeks is delivered in six 1-hour sessions
  • via video conferencing with breathing practice aids and PDF tip sheets
  • Maximum of 25 delegates
  • There will be delegate inter-action throughout

Rediscover the simple elements of resilience.  How we can all effect our mind and body for the positive. Health messages can be forgotten, and negative habits take over in times of stress and pressure. In these 6 hourly webinars we present simple advice that offer a healthier look at how to build our resilience in times of change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the theory and importance of resilience
  • Become more resilient to change
  • Increase understanding of our emotions
  • Understand that we can gain better control of our stress levels
  • Explore skills and strengths related with resilience
  • Setting realistic goals for developing skills and strengths

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