Mental Health Awareness (MHA)

Mental Health Awareness provides a basic practical understanding of the key issues surrounding mental health, both in the workplace and the wider community.

1 Hour Workshop

Mental health issues are more common than we think. Unlike some of our physical health, mental ill health is still stigmatised, resulting in people not being diagnosed or properly treated. Often those who suffer mental health problems are sometimes reluctant to seek help. This will affect their quality of life, productivity, and performance at work as well as the dynamics at home and social situations, not just for themselves but those they work with and live with.

Understanding these increased burdens mental ill-health brings is important, but also further understanding of the emerging issues that COVID and the changes to our lives that the pandemic has brought has put our mental health and well-being, well and truly front and centre.

Our workshops have been developed to raise awareness not only of the importance of mental health but also to tackle the things that affect mental health negatively.

This Employee, overview of mental health and why we should challenge stigma. It is a reminder on how to look after ourselves, understanding the challenges of supporting others and increasing our resilience.

Suitable for all employees, Our Mental Health Awareness workshop helps sets the scene for any organisation to show that they are committed to improving the Wellbeing of their staff. This workshop explains, why we should be more aware of our own Mental Health and why we should challenge stigma.  How we can better look after ourselves, understanding the challenges in support of others being proactive in helping to increase our resilience and how we might do this:

  • 1 Hour workshop can be delivered onsite or online.
  • What is Mental Health
  • Tackling the taboos of Mental Health
  • Challenging Stigmas
  • What are the most Diagnosed Mental Health Illness’s
  • What are the elements that affect our Mental Health
  • How do we talk about Mental Health
  • What can we do to help ourselves
  • Supporting others with the challenges of Mental Health
  • Positive Attitudes and Healthy Behaviours to Mental Health
  • Pathways to further support

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognising when others need help
  • Acknowledging and exploring our own Mental Health
  • A basic knowledge of some Mental Health issues
  • Understanding how our physical health and mental health is one and the same
  • How to reduce stigma and encourage empathy