Welcome to Life & Progress

Supporting your people with their mental health and wellbeing

We understand the importance of looking after the mental health and wellbeing of your most valuable assets – your people.

Life & Progress can make a real positive difference to your organisation by providing you with a Complete Care package that will be right for you and that will meet your expectations.  From the very latest mental-fitness App, GP helpline, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Mental Health Responsive (MHR), access to specialist Counselling services, Mental Health Awareness Workshops & Webinars, Online Mindfulness Courses and an array of related training services.

Life & Progress is also the provider of the Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service (TSWS), a high-quality low-cost support service that has been well received by Housing Associations & Trusts.  The Student Support & Wellbeing Service (SSWS) designed specifically to support College and University students’ and the Member Support & Wellbeing Service (MSWS) that can be bought into by any club or membership organisation looking to offer additional mental health & wellbeing supports to its members.