Menopause Awareness

Menopause is a natural transition stage in most women’s lives. It is marked by changes in the hormones and the woman stops ovulating and menstrual cycle stops. Women may also experience a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms, as a result of the menopause.

In the workplace pregnancy may be the only gender specific health issue that is discussed.

Some women are unwilling to disclose menopause related health problems to line managers who may be male or younger than them.

Why talk about menopause?

  • Natural part of female aging  between 45-55 years of age
  • Symptoms last  4-8 years
  • 75-80% of women of this group are in work
  • A significant proportion of this group will be experiencing symptoms.
  • This age group will may have additional caring for family members, exacerbating symptoms.
  • Hands up who knows a women in this age bracket?

Source – University of Leicester: Health and work menopause focus

In May 2016, a survey conducted by British Menopause Society (BMS), revealed that one in two women aged 45-65 had gone through the menopause within the past ten years without consulting a healthcare professional.  This is despite 42% saying their symptoms were worse or much worse than expected.   – National survey  British Menopause Society.

45% negative impact on their work and 47% have taken a work day off to  symptoms and would not tell their employer – Online survey British Menopause society.

  • 33% feel less outgoing
  • 32% feel they are no longer good company
  • 23% feel more isolated

Workplace Workshops (Onsite and/or Online)

Life & Progress have created a phenomenal workshop specifically to talk about menopause, and on how to get the right support and guidance.  Achieving balance through total wellbeing.

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