Mindfulness For All

Taking a mindful approach to life and work can help you to navigate through more difficult times. Learn the essential skills in just six sessions and discover how to improve  your wellbeing and your ability to deal with turbulent times.

Each session includes discussion, a short informal mindful practice to use throughout the day to bring you back to the present moment and a longer formal mindfulness mediation that we practice together with a recording of each practice to listen to at home to reinforce your learning.

This workshop is for all staff.

Case Study: 6 Week Mindfulness for All

  • 25 delegates
  • 84% Interest rate – interaction with questions, polls and surveys
  • 80% Attentiveness- Time spent on screen, avoiding other tasks

Using the average scores of all those who replied to the first survey compared to the average score of all those that replied to the last survey we can see some interesting statistics.

ONS subjective wellbeing questions

Q.  Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?

       A.  Where 0 is ‘not at all satisfied’ and 10 is ‘completely satisfied’ 28.3% Increase.

Q.  Overall, to what extent do you feel that the things you do in your life are worthwhile?

       A.  Where 0 is ‘not at all worthwhile’ and 10 is ‘completely worthwhile’ 33.3% increase.

Q.  Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?

       A.  Where 0 is ‘not at all happy’ and 10 is ‘completely happy’ 29.82% increase.

Q.  Overall, how anxious did you feel yesterday?

       A.  Where 0 is ‘not at all anxious’ and 10 is ‘completely anxious’ 18.6% decrease

Summary of survey results

  • 30% improved life satisfaction, sense of purpose and happiness.
  • 19% reduction in anxiety.