Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service – Calling All Housing Associations

Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service – Calling All Housing Associations

Posted by Brian Taylor | 25/09/2019

Citizen Housing (formally known as WM Housing Group) were featured within an article written on the Life & Progress website back in July 2019, regarding the launch of the Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service (TSWS) which is a 24/7 confidential advice, information and support-in-the-moment Counselling telephone service.

Katie Still, the Chief Operating Officer at Citizen Housing has published an article regarding the challenges Citizen faced as a thriving housing association, when they grew frustrated that they couldn’t provide enough support for their customers in a timely manner for a wide range of issues. Issues that would play an integral part in keeping people in their homes during difficult times. Citizen decided to look for solutions to combat this concern and thankfully found the answer within their Employee Assistance Program provided by ourselves.

With Life & Progress’ help, Citizen could provide support to their tenants for a vast array of issues. This originally started as a pilot for a group of 400 new tenants but is soon to become available for 30,000 households this autumn. Please click here to read the full article from Kate Still, Citizen Housing.



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