Mental Fitness App

Life & Progress are proud to present MyMindPal, The Mental Fitness App.

MyMindPal is full of simple exercises, tools and techniques to help everyday working people, reduce their stress levels and enjoy life more. This provides emotional wellbeing for everyone, Using the latest technology, arts and science MyMindPal ensures a seamless user experience. This interactive mental-fitness App is available on iOS and Android, downloadable from the Apple App Store or on Google Play. MyMindPal can be purchased as either an integrated or standalone service.  Free 7 day trial (demo access) available upon request without obligation.


The Benefits

MyMindPal is full of simple exercises, tools and techniques that match your Mental Fitness needs.

  • Cope with life’s daily stress – By managing negative thoughts and reducing body tension
  • Relax more often – With calming techniques for your mind and body
  • Boost your positive thoughts – By creating a range of helpful thinking styles
  • Enjoy the present moment – With easy to follow mindfulness practices
  • Build habits that are good for you – By following simple tips and challenges to keep you on track


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