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Spectre – Employee Benefits Portal 

Albeit we are seeing evermore organisations starting to provide their people with a significant range of employees’ benefits, unfortunately for many organisations their employees remain unclear on the ‘perks’ they have access to as part of their overall employee package.

The best platform for bringing all your employees benefits together is within a centralised ‘Employee Benefits Portal’.  Previously employers would have provided their workforce with a paper ‘Staff Handbook’ with all the benefits listed, however, these days employees are more likely to want a secure online portal or an app.

Life & Progress presents the Spectre – Employee Benefits Portal which can be tailored specifically for your own organisation.  Spectre will clearly detail all the benefits you offer and give your employees an opportunity to purchase additional benefits on a salary-deduction basis or pay-direct.  Spectre will also allow your employees to check what holiday they have left, store their employment contract and any changes to their terms and conditions.

Why Spectre

After completing a thorough review of the mainstream UK Employee Benefits Portal / Platform Providers we have selected Spectre as our preferred business partner.

Spectre has a special emphasis on health and wellbeing.  Spectre encompasses advice and promotions around a healthy life-style including an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

The video below will provide you with an overview of what the Spectre secure-website provides, how it works and what it does:

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