Workplace Mediation

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Often, all it takes to resolve a strained situation in the workplace is to inject a third-party into the equation.  Effective mediation has a proven success rate in helping employees, sometimes employers, to alter both their mindset and perception of things.

This will help all parties to better manager stress, their own wellbeing, and interpersonal relationships among colleagues, as well as to feel more positive about their role in the business.

Life & Progress can intervene in any tense discussion by providing a fully accredited (CMC/Mii qualified) professional Mediator.

Early Intervention

Mediation is initiated mostly by Human Resources (HR) professionals or senior managers rather than the parties themselves.  People should always be given the opportunity to resolve their disagreement for themselves.  However, if they cannot resolve it and the situation is getting out-of-hand by then early intervention is recommended as opposed to viewing workplace mediation as a last resort.

Unresolved conflict can cost a lot more than just money.  Effectively workplace mediation reduces the damage, related costs and the risks of possible escalation. Mediation works to repair the relationship for the parties involved and to restore a healthier environment for all those affected by the situation.

work mediation

Life & Progress only works with experienced and fully accredited CMC Mediators.   We are happy to arrange for you to receive a free telephone-consultation with one of our Mediators and without any obligation.

The benefits of mediation include, but not limited to:

  • Resolving matters in a cost-effective manner by avoiding the hefty legal expenses of litigation.
  • Resolving matters in a timely manner.
  • Resolving matters in a private and confidential manner.
  • Resolving matters peacefully in order to retain relationships.
  • Permitting you to be more in control of events and their outcome, with the Mediator acting more as a guide than an authority.
  • Setting your own convenient time, date and location for where resolution meetings take place.

What next …
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