Workplace Health Monitors

Easy to use Health Monitors

Our Health Monitors acutely measure a person’s weight and height, calculates their body mass index and records diastolic and systolic blood pressure.  One of the benefits of using the our Health Monitors is that you can do so without the need for any supervision by a qualified health-professional.  The Health Monitors are fully automatic and produce a printed ticket-report, which can be retained by the person for future reference.  The printed ticket-report carries reference information regarding the normal body mass index readings and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations on blood pressure for comparison.

You can either rent or buy our Health Monitors, all of which have many applications. Albeit more people go to the gym than ever before, modern life has all kinds of stresses and strains.  Indeed, people are more health aware than ever and one of our Health Monitors can help them keep a check on their health, weight and blood pressure.

Our Health Monitor (pictured below) has received approval from the National Weights & Measures Board for passing EC Directive 90/384/EEC Class III for non-automatic weight machines and approved for medical use.

Our Health Monitors are simple to use – once the procedure is commenced, the display panel illuminates and guides the person using the monitor through the process.  In addition, voice commands give the person clear step-by-step instructions.  The whole process takes about 90 seconds.

Typical monitor technical features

  • Weighs up to 220kg (484lb) (34.5.stone) in 0.2kg increments
  • Measures height up to 200cm (6’7”)
  • Display panel / Voice instructions
  • Programmable ticket header and information
  • Thermal printer
  • Dimensions: H-208cm D-58cm W-36cm

Health Screening & Workplace Assessments:

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