Occupational Health

Life & Progress has partnered with Valentine Occupational Health to provide bespoke, cost effective OH solutions tailored for our clients needs. Our unique partnership-arrangement means we are ideally placed to tackle the complex risks faced by organisations’ associated with sickness absence, legislation, productivity and employees’ ongoing health.

You will be supported by a dedicated OH team led by commercially minded professionals who understand the need for accurate and timely communication. This combined with the Valentine experienced UK and Ireland wide network of Specialist OH Practitioners give the perfect balance of personnel to enable us to deliver you with a high-quality OH service, fully supporting you and your employees. Please contact the OH team on 0800 020 9913 to arrange a free consultation or to obtain more information, including the latest OH services brochure …


What is an OH Assessment and what does an OH letter need to contain?

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Occupational Health (OH) Providers

If you are a specialist OH Provider, we would like to invite you to join the UK-OH Network.  This is a comprehensive network of specialists including OH Advisors, OH Physicians, Therapists, Counsellors and Qualified Trainers.

To learn more about the UK-OH Network or to request a registration form please click here.