Occupational Health Review 2018

Occupational Health Review 2018

Posted by Brian Taylor | 22/01/2018

Does your Organisation use Occupational Health (OH) services, and if so are you getting value for money?  You may think that all OH Companies are the same and the only thing that separates them is the price… well, we recommend that you review and compare your OH Provider against the wider market and ensure that you are getting maximum value and a return on investment.

Compare quality standards, delivery standards, ethics, up-to-date and relevant qualifications, accessibility and geographical coverage, and a proven track-record on customer service (account management), and then of course – price !

Also speak to those that have experience of working with named OH Provider and are happy to make a genuine recommendation (testimonial).  Life & Progress works with one such OH Provider namely Valentine Occupational Health Ltd.  That said, please feel free to do your own homework albeit Valentine OH are worth considering:

VOH Website: www.valentineoh.co.uk 

VOH General Enquiries: 0800 020 9913

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