Mental Fitness App

Mental Fitness at your fingertips

The very latest Mental Fitness App is now available from Life & Progress, namely MyMindPal.

MyMindPal provides emotional wellbeing for everyone, helping people to reduce their stress levels and enjoy life more. Using the latest technology, arts and science MyMindPal ensures a seamless user experience. This interactive mental-fitness App is available on iOS and Android, downloadable from Apple App Store or on Google Play. MyMindPal can be purchased as either an integrated or standalone service.

  • Helps reduce stress levels
  • Access stress support tools
  • Build mental fitness
  • Make positive Changes
  • Handle life’s challenges
  • Enjoy life more
  • Build resiliance
  • Mindfulness exercise
  • Relaxtion exercise
  • Uses of Arts and Science
  • Interactive and fun
  • Directs those at risk