World Mental Health Day 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022

At Life & Progress, we are honoured to support World Mental Health Day 2022 and the ideals it promotes. Looking after the mental wellbeing of your people, we’re aware of the difficulty and duty we have to provide the highest standard of mental health treatment to people who require it.

Life & Progress has the privilege of working with an array of specialists trained in providing mental support so we can provide for your employees, who may be suffering with psychological and mental health problems, with the means and support needed to maintain your people’s mental welfare.


Prioritising Mental Health

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is on making mental health and wellbeing a top priority, highlighting it to everyone who needs it. Following on from the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent issues that have followed, highlighting the importance of mental health and its support is more relevant than ever. An estimated one in eight people were thought to be suffering from a mental illness prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, with anxiety and depression being the most prevalent. Due to COVID-19, many of us struggled in isolation, which significantly worsened the mental health of those who were impacted. Additionally, it contributed to a 25% surge in such problems during the first year of the epidemic.

Since the pandemic’s peak, social and economic problems have had an impact on an international level and the UK as a result. These problems have jeopardised the possibility of an improved quality of life for a large portion of the UK population following the pandemic, as we battle anxiety and the threat of a cold Winter due to financial concerns.

Life & Progress understands the need of emphasising mental health and the focus and attention that individuals and organisations need to commit, across all sectors. Together, we can provide our people with support and services that are both affordable and of the highest quality.


Mental Health Awareness

The stigma and discrimination associated with obtaining appropriate mental assistance continue to prevent some people from getting the care they need, even though the importance of mental health is rightfully growing. In order to help people find the appropriate support networks where their mental health is supported and safeguarded, World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health.


Improving our Mental Health

2022 has been a tough year for us all and continues to be so, but there are still many ways we can improve our mental health through small steps:

Support Networks

A strong support system is essential to ensure that we are supported in the face of our everyday challenges. It’s crucial to communicate that you’re still there for your loved ones and that they’re there for you, even if COVID-19 meant that these support networks were stretched. If you don’t think you require a check-up, someone who does may benefit much from it.

Open Up

It can be difficult to be open and vulnerable, but it’s crucial to do so if you ever feel worried, frightened, or just like you need someone to talk to. It’s imperative that we seek out and start the conversation if our mental health is deteriorating.

Stay Active

It has been proven that keeping up a regular physical routine can have a positive impact on our mental health. It can lower anxiety, reduce worry, and significantly improve our mood. For our emotional and physical health, just for a simple walk outside will do wonders.

Avoid ‘Doomscrolling

It’s easy to become stuck in the negativity when thinking about current concerns in our nation and the rest of the world. Whether it be domestic issues or international disputes, it’s critical that we conduct a proper investigation into what’s going on and avoid believing rumours and speculation at face value. It’s critical to base our recommendations on reliable data and keep in mind to take a step back when necessary.


Contact Us

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s important to tell someone. Help and support is always available, and you don’t have to struggle in silence. Speak to friends and family and tell them what’s going on. There is no right way to start the conversation, starting it all is what’s important.

To help cope, try not thinking about the future, just focus on getting through the day, or through the hour or even through the next five minutes. Find a safe place and be around people who can support you, or alternatively find something you enjoy, like taking time with a pet.

There is always help available

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can speak in confidence to supporting charities that can help:

Alternatively, of you need to contact the Life & Progress team to discuss any mental health concerns about your team you may have, you can contact us at:

0808 164 3941 |


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