Why implement an Whistleblowing Service..?

As more organisations look to implement an whistleblowing service, Life & Progress is seeing an uplift in the number of enquiries we are getting.  Implementing a whistleblowing service within an organisation can offer several important benefits, including but not limited to: Early Detection of Misconduct: Whistleblowing services provide a mechanism for employees to report unethical … Read more

Illustration depicting an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)

What is an EAP? Benefits of an Employee Assistance Programme

It’s important that employees have somewhere to turn to for in-the-moment support. To make sure that your employees can get the right help when they need it, we recommend offering an Employee Assistance Programme, or EAP. If you’re asking yourself questions like “What is an EAP?” or “How can an EAP help my organisation?” then … Read more