Support Your Tenants in 2024

Well, what a Q1 that was. Life & Progress has welcomed a significant number of Housing Associations as new clients to our Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service (TSWS).

As the original architects of TSWS we brought this unique service to market just prior to the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We supported tenants throughout the Pandemic, helping them to cope with the stresses, anxiety, and their emotions at that worrying time. We now find ourselves supporting tenants during the real challenges brought on by the rising cost-of-living.

The Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service (TSWS) can work in conjunction with your existing in-house strategies, thereby bolstering your own efforts for supporting tenants and at the same time relieving a lot of the burden placed on your frontline and tenant-facing staff.

With over 1,800 accredited Counsellors on our immediate TSWS affiliate UK network, our confidential and ‘impartial service’ is a trusted partner for Housing Associations.

Please contact us directly for an exploratory no-obligation chat, and allow us to demonstrate how we can support your organisation and your tenants.

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