Reaching Retirement Age (& the EAP)

Reaching Retirement Age

Retirement is a major event in everyone’s life and brings about a range of mixed emotions related to change. It may even be stressful.

It will be normal to experience a level of apprehension as you enter a new stage in your life. This is normal and most people will experience it to one degree or another.

There will be many choices to make, having a plan in place as you approach retirement will help with the transition and ensure all objectives are completed. Important factors to consider and include within the plan are:

  • Pensions
  • Budget
  • Benefits

Via the Life & Progress – Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), our ‘Information Specialists’ are available to assist with the process of preparing for retirement and help to ensure you have a robust plan.  For some, retirement is a cause for celebration and an opportunity to look back on years of achievement, friendships, and experiences. For others it may be a time of uncertainty, there may be a need to establish new structure into daily life.

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Focussing on the opportunities’ retirement brings will help you establish new routine and goals. One common factor for most retirees is the additional free time. You may want to consider some of the following:

  • Pursue new and existing interests/hobbies
  • Enjoy family and friends
  • Develop new friendships
  • Travel
  • Volunteer and assist local charities and clubs

Retirement also affects those you share your life with. Suddenly you will spend more time together and share more daily experiences. Maintain open communication, discuss your concerns, and work together to find resolution and identify opportunities.

Experiencing a range of emotions can be usual when approaching retirement age. You may feel anxious, stressed, or worried.

Those eligible to access the EAP service from Life & Progress can speak to one of our information specialists who are available to discuss all aspects of your retirement.

For more details about our EAP services please click here or call our sales-desk on 0808 164 3941

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