Practice Positive Self-Talk

It’s important to take the pressure off !

We tend to be the hardest on ourselves and be our own worst critic. Over time, this can cause you to form a negative opinion of yourself that can be hard to shake off.

To stop this, you’ll need to be mindful of the voice in your head and respond with positive messages, also known as positive self-talk. Research shows that even a small shift in the way you talk to yourself can influence your ability to regulate your feelings, thoughts, and behaviour under stress.

Identify your areas of negativity and focus on the different aspects of your life that you tend to find most difficult. Not sure how to recognise these? Perhaps ask a trusted friend, family member or colleague. Chances are they will help you to acknowledge behaviours which could be perceived as pessimistic. A co-worker for example may notice that you approached a change at work in a negative way. It’s important to know that although it’s great to ask friends family, and colleagues for their input, it’s not always them who are able to help you fully deal with the issue itself.

Start each day with a positive thought or action. Create a ritual in which you begin each day with something uplifting, such as reading or listening to positive affirmations, or playing a song that brings back happy memories for you. Another great way is to share positivity by giving somebody a compliment or making a kind gesture. A smile can make the world of difference to us all.

Trying to stay positive when everything is going wrong, trying to be positive when you’re grieving or experiencing other serious distress can seem impossible. During these times, it’s important to take the pressure off yourself and to find the silver lining. Instead, channel that energy into getting support from others.


Positive thinking isn’t about burying every negative thought or emotion you have or avoiding difficult feelings. The lowest points in our lives are often the ones that motivate us to move on and make positive changes. When going through such a time, your EAP service can support you.  Speaking to a counsellor can be a great way to relieve yourself of any negative thoughts and help you to remain positive and happy.

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