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Why implement an Whistleblowing Service..?

As more organisations look to implement an whistleblowing service, Life & Progress is seeing an uplift in the number of enquiries we are getting.  Implementing a whistleblowing service within an organisation can offer several important benefits, including but not limited to: Early Detection of Misconduct: Whistleblowing services provide a mechanism for employees to report unethical … Read more

Customer Testimonial

Life & Progress is dedicated to delivering unparalleled access to clinical excellence and top-notch Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) services for our clients. We find immense satisfaction in receiving authentic and positive feedback, not only from the organisations that invest in our EAP services for their employees, but also from the individuals who actively reach out … Read more

“Laugh Your Way to Wellness”

In today’s busy world, dealing with life’s everyday challenges can for many people often feel overwhelming and stressful, therefore finding ways to improve mental health is crucial. While proven staple methods like talk therapy, meditation, and exercise are widely acknowledged, there’s one often underestimated albeit powerful tool – humour. The saying “laughter is the best … Read more

Customer Success Manager

Congratulations to Garth MacAnally on being appointed as the new Customer Success Manager (CSM) for Life & Progress. Life & Progress is a leading mental health & wellbeing specialist firm, operating throughout the UK. Garth has worked for Life & Progress for several years heading-up our training services and delivering to clients’ high-quality mental health … Read more

Calling all Housing Associations

The Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service (TSWS) is an initiative that works together with housing providers, property managers and landlords that have a genuine aim to promote the physical, mental, and emotional health and overall wellbeing of their tenants. This service has been particularly well-received by Housing Associations as part of their wider customer care … Read more