Introducing Health Matters

Life & Progress has a well-established partnership with one of the UK’s most respected Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Brokerages, namely Health Matters (UK) Ltd.

Health Matters is a specialist team of consultants and advisers dedicated to providing a tailored range of employee health related benefit packages to businesses across the UK.

“The Health Matters vision is to shape the future of organisations to help create a work culture that promotes happier and healthier employees, ensuring optimum productivity”, says Brodie Simmons, Health Matters Employee Benefits Consultant.

Brodie goes on to say “Having a well-considered employee benefits package is a great way to retain and attract the highest calibre of staff. This will help give the client business the competitive edge it needs to stay at the forefront of today’s ambitious world”.

Many health-related employee benefits are not expensive to implement and will be appreciated by the workforce regardless of their industry and role.  As such, the Health matters team will provide support and advice on the implementation, communication and ongoing management for all employee benefits packages provided.

Brodie Simmons of Health Matters would be delighted to talk you through their range of available services, all the relating options and to answer any questions you may have. Please call 0800 988 0085 or email 

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