Getting to see a GP

Healthcare accessibility is a growing concern, and recent news in England offers a potential solution. Pharmacies across the country can now diagnose and treat seven common conditions without the need for patients to see a doctor. This move is aimed at freeing up millions of GP appointments each year and easing the burden on the NHS. With 1 in 6 people unable to get a GP appointment within two weeks, it’s no wonder that patients are turning to their local pharmacy for primary care. It will be interesting to see how this new scheme progresses and its long-term success.

In addition to this, many companies and organisations are adopting a 24/7 GP Helpline to support their employees. This service provides around-the-clock access to a doctor over the phone and online, ensuring that employees can receive medical advice whenever they need it. These initiatives are promising steps towards improving healthcare accessibility, and we hope to see more innovative solutions emerge in the near future.

GP Helpline

Access to a GP over the phone and online…

If you have an interest in implementing a GP Helpline for your employees, we are happy to hear from you. Call us for a chat 0808 164 3941.

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