Mental Health

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness refers to the state of having good mental health and wellbeing. It involves maintaining a positive and balanced mindset, emotional resilience, and cognitive abilities. Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness for overall health. Indeed, mental fitness is crucial for a person’s psychological wellbeing and functioning. Life & Progress is an … Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023: Essential Info for HR

Mental Health Awareness Week holds immense importance as a prominent date for employers throughout the UK, providing a crucial opportunity for HR professionals and advocates of mental wellbeing for employees to make a genuine difference within their organisations and industries. Curious about this year’s theme and wondering how you can take part? Look no further, … Read more


Understanding Stress & Anxiety

Understanding Stress There are many signs that you are suffering from stress; feeling unusually irritated, having difficulty sleeping, feeling isolated and lonely, drinking or smoking more than usual or struggling with commitments. These are just come common symptoms of stress. The Mental Health Foundation published results from a survey run by YouGov, in which 74% … Read more