Do you have an underperforming EAP?

Do you have an underperforming EAP?

Posted by Brian Taylor | 25/01/2018

Get more from your 2018 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) …

You like the EAP you have, you like the promotional materials, you like the quality of the service, but for some reason your people are just not engaging with it.

You regularly distribute the EAP leaflets and display the posters on the workplace noticeboards. You even have a dedicated EAP page on your Company Intranet, yet when you get your periodic usage reports they hardly shows any take-up.

This is where the Life & Progress Team can assist you. You don’t necessarily have to have your EAP with us to benefit from our expertise and professional guidance. Our team of experienced EAP Consultants are readily available to help you get the maximum value from what is a paramount employee benefit and to ensure that your EAP starts performing.

Our initial focus will be towards engaging with your line-managers, team leaders and supervisors, and getting these key members of staff fully on-board. Indeed, our onsite EAP interactive workshops and manager briefing sessions are designed to show managers how to use the EAP as a proactive management tool.

Through our consultative approach we will guide you on how to properly integrate your EAP into organisation policies and procedures, and for including your EAP within the return-to-work interview, and to supporting the employee appraisal process and even the disciplinary procedure.

To discuss your needs and to see how we might assist you, please feel free to call us on:

0808 164 3941 or email: service@lifeandprogress.s2.test

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