Customer Care

Life & Progress provide quality Mental Health, EAP and other related support services to range of clients operating in an ever-growing array of industries and business sectors. We are particularly successful within both the charity and housing sectors where our pro-activity and consultancy approach seems to resonate. Our smallest client has just 5 employees and our largest client has over 15,000 employees.

Our Head Office is located in Coventry, Warwickshire although we have established clients throughout the UK, plus many clients in the Capital.

Client testimonials are available upon request. Although we have a library of ‘Letters of Recommendation’ we are always happy to provide prospective customers with direct contact details of existing companies who use our services (either of similar size, geographical location or industry) so you can gather your own reference direct from them.

Partner References

Life & Progress work in partnership with a number of high-quality service Providers as well as Intermediaries, Consultancies, Brokerages and other Professionals. Therefore and if required, we can provide you with Partner testimonials.

Life & Progress has two sister-businesses within our group namely Health Matters (UK) Ltd and Valentine Occupational Health Ltd. Both Health Matters and Valentine have their own bank of clients, albeit a number of our clients’ will also be clients of our sister-businesses. Subsequently, we are able to provide you with client testimonials from both Health Matters and Valentine if required – available upon request.