Calling all HR Consultants

Calling all HR Consultants

Posted by Brian Taylor | 22/01/2018

Life & Progress is widely recognised for bringing high-quality, well-managed and affordable Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to the UK-SME market, and for delivering mental health responsive-training, stress management & resilience training, through to providing access to occupational health services, employee benefits and the very latest online employee benefits portal (Spectre Benefits).

In addition to our own endeavours we also work with a growing number of Independent HR Consultants, Brokers, Management Consultants and other third-party Intermediaries around the country, all whom include our services within their own respective services portfolios.

By working with us you can add further value to your client base, expand your service offerings to prospective clients and furthermore bring-in new revenue streams to your business. Indeed, we pay competitive introducer-commission rates on all of our services, services that are both innovative and well received by clients.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity of working with you and to helping you develop your 2018 services portfolio. If this sounds of professional interest to you, without obligation please feel free to email with your contact details.

Alternatively please call 0808 164 3941



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